Tuesday, December 22, 2015

First day of winter musings and BotB winner for 12.15.15

Happy first day of winter, y'all! Here in my neck o' the woods, it is cool, damp, soggy, and overcast, with storms forecast through Christmas. And everyone I know is fussing about how warm it is. I don't really mind the warmer weather (we only ever get a few days of pretty winter weather, if that), but I have to admit I am ready for winter to get here so it can come in, do its thing, and leave. I do not want cold temps well into May!

It is extremely unlikely that I will have anything "reinvented"-worthy here until next year. In truth? A lot of it really has had to do with simply not having good outdoor DIY weather on my days off. I have been extremely busy with my job - retail this time of year is crazy, as you all know, and this is the time of year I take as many hours as I can get, because those hours will inevitably slack off towards late January. But I've been dealing with a lot of stress at home as we watch our oldest girl, Mini's, health decline.

Mini in healthier times in one of her favorite places to be
besides a lap: a basket of laundry fresh from the dryer.

I won't go into all the details of all her issues, at least not here and now, but my heart is a bit heavy since this may really be our last Christmas with her, and she doesn't feel well. She has another vet appointment scheduled for Monday, but depending on what they find out, we may have to have a difficult decision to make. I am hopeful that we can make her feel better.

So over the past month or two, I have dropped my Pinning and Polyvore-ing in favor of de-stressing as much as possible until the New Year. It'll all happen - eventually!

So for this blog's first Battle of the Bands, I pitted two different versions of "Blue Christmas" - one done by Collective Soul, and the other from Bright Eyes - against one another. I chose to use Collective Soul's cover because they really make it their own, and I like how it sounds COMPLETELY DIFFERENT than the popular Elvis version, even down to the jam-band-rocking-out riffs at the end. I know some of you who voted considered that wonky and others just didn't like a more rock and roll version, but I liked it for all the reasons the rest of you didn't.

I loved (and therefore chose to use) Bright Eyes' version because, while truer to the Elvis arrangement, I loved the thumping beat and keys which I thought definitely made the song theirs. Not all of you felt they did enough to make it their own, but with a vote of 8-5 in their favor, more of you preferred the stylings of Bright Eyes over Collective Soul. I didn't even vote, since my vote would not have made a difference anyway. But I do slightly prefer the Bright Eyes version over Collective Soul's myself. Be sure to come back January 1 for another fun "battle!"


  1. Wow - tight battle here. I chose Collective Souls - oh well, can't win them all. Take good care of you and the various projects. Hope to see you in January!

  2. Another battle I actually won. I need to start keeping tabs on which battle I win and lose.
    Looking forward to your next battle.