About Me

Hi! I'm Kim. I'm a quirky mom to two young men and three doggie girls. We live in a tiny rural town right outside the beautiful city of Huntsville, Alabama, where thrifting is good! And this is important, since thrifting is my therapy.

I'm also: always happy when it rains. Fascinated by things that go bump in the night. A daydream believer. A voracious reader. A watcher of way too much tv. A viewer of not enough movies. A couch potato who is desperately trying to get bitten by the fitness bug. A new homeowner. A part-time empty-nester. A rescuer and repurposer of thrift store and roadside junk. A gypsy soul who often contemplates starting over elsewhere. A firm believer that there's nothing quite like loud music and the open road to cleanse the soul. An online vintage shop owner. I also wear many other hats at any given time.

I've been a blogger at various places for fifteen years now, and after a rough several years, I am now ready to reinvent everything about my life. Body. Mind. Soul. Home. Even the budget. Thus the tagline "reinventing self and home while unabashedly indulging an obsessive love of all things vintage" was born - and I hope to do just that with this blog. I'll even be "scoring" it with an eclectic soundtrack! I hope you enjoy your visit here.

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