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I often find the most interesting fonts, graphics, functions, and design elements on other blogs. I'd be bitten by the creative bug, and would subsequently often spend hours trying to find the same or similar resources for my own use - usually to no avail. So in the event that any reader would like to utilize the free-for-personal-use fonts, graphics, and images (or anything else) I've used on my own blog, you can find it all here on this page! Of course, I will add more resources as I use/come across them.


Blogger - free and easy publishing tool. I've looked around at others, and found Blogger to be the most customizable for a free blog. Plus, you can use it to earn money - something you can't do with many other free publishers.
Disqus - free third party commenting system. I prefer almost any third party commenting system to Blogger's simply due to the "community" aspect, and there are at least several more out there. But most of the blogs I visit use Disqus, so I chose to use it on my own blog. I have experienced some technical difficulties with it, but nothing that didn't correct itself in due time (as of now). (Update: I have removed Disqus from my blog simply because I can never get the comment count to display correctly across the board (meaning, in all browsers, on all devices). I really, really wanted to make this work because I love how this option is when it works. I still encourage you to give it a try; some people have no issues getting it installed and doing as it should.)
Photobucket - free image hosting site. I'm not sure what else is out there for this purpose, but I've used this for years and am happy with it.

FONTS: - Free-for-personal-use fonts - Free-for-commercial-use fonts

GRAPHICS: - Free-for-personal-use clip art - Free-for-personal-use photos


Gimp - Free open source tool for photo editing and making graphics. It's not as easy as Photoshop, but I'm able to use it to do anything I want to do without much difficulty. If you're looking to create your own blog graphics, you may find it to your liking as well.


Instead of using blockquotes, I like to quickly make graphics with the quote I want to use. That way, it's completely custom and doesn't have to look the same with each post. Or it can, if I want it to.


Autumn 2015 (November - December)

Graphics were made by me using the Daydreamer, Sparkly, and La Piedrita fonts.

Holiday 2015 (December 2015 - January 2016)

Graphics were made by me, again using the Daydreamer, Sparkly, and La Piedrita fonts.

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